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Our online pricing allows Oregon homeowners and homebuyers to view current mortgage rates for Oregon for Conventional and Jumbo mortgage loans–from anywhere, at any time.


Mortgage pricing is unique–there are multiple rates available for each loan term. Lumen Mortgage allows you to view all your options.


Each mortgage rate has its own cost or credit. The cost or credit for each rate is based on the specific loan details entered.


The best part – you can do all this without providing any personal information. When you do have questions an experienced Oregon loan officer is just a click or call away.

Mortgage Rates Today

View today’s rates with our mortgage calculator.

Lumen Mortgage allows Oregon homeowners and homebuyers to view LIVE Conventional and Jumbo mortgage rates and prices at their convenience. No personal information is required or collected.

Online pricing is not available for all mortgage products and does not encompass all loan options. To learn more about pricing and loan options in Oregon please contact us.

Oregon mortgage rate quotes are not a guarantee or a commitment to lend. Terms, conditions, restrictions, other fees and charges do apply. All loans are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Rates (interest rates, annual percentage rates or APRs) and estimated fees are subject change without notice. Mortgage rates are for properties located in the State of Oregon. Estimated monthly payments are for principal and interest only. Payments do not include property taxes, insurance premiums, homeowner’s association dues, or any other property or program specific expenses. Estimated monthly payments are shown as whole dollar amounts for ease of use. Your monthly housing expense will be higher.

Loan to value ratios over 80% do require mortgage insurance. Oregon mortgage rate quotes are refreshed each time the page is opened, refreshed or “get rates” is selected. Oregon mortgage rate quotes display only select Conventional and Jumbo mortgage loan options. Other products and programs are available. Oregon mortgage rate quotes are not an official Loan Estimate (LE). To receive a detailed Loan Estimate or to learn more about mortgage loan options in Oregon, please contact us or apply here.

Lumen Mortgage does not charge an origination fee for the rates and prices quoted on

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